A Beginner’s Guide to the Construction Industry
Architecture concept with drawing compass on blueprints.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Construction Industry

A construction project involves different parties. These parties play crucial roles in the construction industry. If you’re new to the construction industry, here is what you should know about its operations. 

The Client 

Construction projects start with clients. The client decides to invest in a construction project. A client can be an individual that wants to build a home, a property developer, a private business, or a local authority. The client decides what they want to build and the timeframe of the project. This decision can be influenced by the goals, purpose, and budget of the project. 


Once the client has decided to construct a building, they reach out to consultants. These include cost consultants or quantity surveyors, architects, civil and structural engineers. They can also talk to electrical and mechanical engineers. They present their construction ideas to consultants to get advice. 

Consultants advise the client on construction design, costs, and regulations. A client can depend on consultants for advice on different aspects of their project. What’s more, a client can hire consultants to handle every aspect of the project.  


Once the client has talked to different consultants, they move on to pick a contractor to handle their project. The contractor works with different consultants used by the client. These can share details of the design while providing information about the structure that the client wants. After the consultation, the contractor discusses the timeframe for the project with the client. The consultants leave the contractor to complete the project. 


In most cases, contractors hire subcontractors to help with different aspects of the project. Subcontractors are specialists with specialized knowledge or skills. These handle different aspects of the construction project. 

For instance, a contractor can hire different subcontractors for the following works: 

  • Reinforced concrete 
  • Structural steelwork 
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical works 
  • Foundation 

Subcontractors work under contractors to complete the job they are hired to do. 

If you have an upcoming construction project, make sure that these parties are involved to ensure the successful