Why winter is the Best Time for your Construction Project

Many people usually don’t plan to do much in winter. The weather outside is frightful the last thing you want is dealing with a contractor in the cold. When you come to think of it, you’ll realize winter is the best times of the year to start your home renovation or new construction project. The cold weather outside serves to make the construction process much easier than you might think. Of course, you can still experience a few challenges but, with proper planning you can overcome them. Here are reasons why you should begin your construction in winter. 

Better Bids

Wondering why you’re likely to get better bids for your project in winter? Well, this is the off-season in the construction industry. There’s typically less construction happening at this time of the year which means there’s less demand. On the other hand, supply is high. Most people avoid cold-weather builds. This gives you an opportunity to save money as many construction companies offer discounts and reduced rates. 

When a contractor has their schedule clear they have sufficient time to sit down and run their numbers before providing you with an accurate and uninflated bid. More bids means more competitive pricing. 

Shortened Permit Waits

No work can begin until the local municipality approves the home designs and plans submitted. You realize that permits can affect the commencement of a construction project as they take time to obtain. The fact that there’s less construction happening in winter means there’s reduced wait times at the municipal permit office. Your plans will be approved faster and the contractor can start working on your project. 

Less Downtime Due to Scheduling Disputes

With less construction work happening in winter, there’s less competition for the general and subcontractor’s time. Most construction projects experience delays and miss deadlines because of the time spent trying to resolve conflicts with subcontractors. A delay in one task can have a domino effect on the entire project. In winter, subcontractors can easily focus on the work and ensure their part is done, thereby reducing downtime and delays. As a result, your project will be completed on time. 

Better Availability of General and Subcontractors

General contractors and subcontractors have their schedules almost free in winter due to the reduced amount of construction happening. Many people prefer undertaking renovation and construction projects in the warmer months. Contractors are, therefore, more available to focus on your construction and deliver on time. 

Contractors are more willing to give you a price break in winter as they’re looking to keep their staff busy even as the fill their schedules at this time of the year. There’s nothing as frustrating to the project owner as extending a construction deadline. Winter seems to be the best time to start your project as you can start and finish the construction well within the designated time frame. 

Take time to find the right construction company that’s committed to successfully completing your construction or renovation project, and to your satisfaction. Hire a reputable contractor who has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to deliver quality work.

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Home Builder
Architecture concept with drawing compass on blueprints.

Factors to Consider when Hiring a Home Builder

The process of choosing and hiring a home builder is time-consuming. However, it’s important to spend your time well because you are handling a significant amount of money on the project. The builder you choose will also influence the overall quality of your home. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when hiring a home builder.

Budget and Price 

Homebuilders charge varying prices. It’s important to know your budget when choosing the builder to hire. Choose a home builder that is experienced and capable of building a quality home for you. The fees charged by the builder should be within your budget. 

References and Reputation 

Ask for references from several builders. This will enable you to come up with a list of potential candidates that you can work with. Once you have a list of prospective builders, check out their reputation. You can read reviews that other clients have written about them. Alternatively, speak to the current or past clients of the builders. Choose a builder with a sterling reputation. 

Financial Stability 

Some builders cut prices just to keep busy. You don’t want a builder that will depend on your down payment to handle your project. It’s important, therefore, to get the credit reference of different home builders. The credit of a builder is the best source of their financial strength details. 

Home Style 

Some home builders specialize in specific styles of homes. Don’t settle for a builder that specializes in single-story display houses if you want to build a complex, undercroft 3-story home. Ideally, choose a contractor that specializes in the kind of home you want to build. 


An ideal home builder should be located near where you want to build a home. That way, you won’t be charged for the transportation of the construction equipment. A local home builder also understands the local building requirements and regulations. This makes them ideal for you when it comes to complying with the local construction codes. 

A good builder will help you make your dream home a reality. Consider these factors to hire the right home builder. 

Building New House- Things to Consider

Building New House- Things to Consider

Once you decide to build a new house, you need to consider several factors. Here are some of the factors that construction experts recommend that you keep in mind. 

Stand Position

Choose the direction, aspect, and position carefully. That means considering the sun’s direction both in winter and summer. Rooms that face south are cooler. Windows that face west get intense sun in the afternoon. Therefore, avoid such windows. 


House design should suit your preferred stand. It should not be meant for a different stand. If you love a certain house design, make sure that it works on your preferred stand. A good way to achieve this is to ensure that your house design starts from scratch with your stand in mind. 


Your house design should incorporate different aspects of your home life. Therefore, think about your vision of your loved ones living inside the house. Consider your lifestyle. Ensure that your architect understands this to come up with a home design that flows into the habits of your lifestyle naturally. 


Make sure that the size of the house that you build suit your requirements depending on your budget and space. Getting this right can be a challenge because it’s not easy to comprehend the space concept. However, this issue can be addressed by an architect professionally. 


If you decide to change the original plan at any instance, costs will be altered. They can decrease or decrease. However, it’s important to ensure that these are negotiated and agreed upon before progressing with the construction project.    

It’s important to choose a contractor carefully when building a new house. Additionally, finalize all costs before and after construction. Also, agree on the means that the contractor will use to update you on the progress of your construction project. That way, you won’t have issues with the contractor.